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11-23-2012, 07:06 AM
First of all I do think the invisible torp should be visible.

Second of all I wonder how many of you complaining are failing the optional on these stf runs. If you're still making the optional what's the real issue? Having to spend some components?

In the stfs, there are probably two threats that can one shot you, CSE negh'vars and the gates. Flying a temporal destroyer, a negh'var does about 50% hull damage to me with isometric, and I can tank/solo the gates in KASE/ISE with full weapon power flying in the middle of the gate.

The bosses, donatra has it's way of one shotting you but they're avoidable. Either move out of the thaleron weapon, or brace for impact/increase shield defenses when you see those plasma spreads coming.

I've seen many stfs where some people don't even know how to redistribute their own shields, or where teammates don't cross heal. If you're going into an stf you should have atleast one copy of hazard emitters, I run two.