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11-23-2012, 07:10 AM
Forget about the Atrox. Seriously, waste of money.

It's a 2500 Zen ship with only 9 console slots, no Fleet version, no unique ability or anything, no custom bridge, and the Stalker fighters cannot be used on any other Fed carrier-type ship.

In addition, it cannot mount dual cannons (whereas Recluse can), it doesn't have any universal boff slots (whereas Recluse does), and it costs absurd amount of Zen (2500? Really? It should cost 2000 like the majority of other non-top-tier vessels).

Save your EC and get yourself a Recluse. Superior ship with superior capabilities.

Still, I dumped them both in favour of the Vesta, because I couldn't stand the slow turn rate anymore. Also, Fed hangars aren't really that great. If you want to have some fun with a Carrier then I strongly suggest playing as a KDF in a Kar'Fi.