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11-23-2012, 07:12 AM
I hope it's not an IP issue cause this IP I'm using hasn't changed in 10 years as far as I know, and if they are randomly filtering out IPs (the company running the servers) then they need to check themselves, cause I for one have never spammed, and my Anti-Virus is up to date so as far as I know, no worm has gotten in and decided to spam the heck out of STO.

Oh one thing to add I was able to play from 11:30pm(East Coast Time) through about 2:18am(East Coast Time). I logged on this morning about 9:30am(East Coast Time) and now a little after 10am I get disconnected and now I am again having Launcher issues. Cryptic/Perfect World, and or whoever runs your servers get your heads out your behinds and get this issue fixed, it has become quite an inconvenience and starting to feel like my position as a Customer doesn't mean one thing to you at all.

I am at the moment back on the game, but for how long I'm not sure. The issue is going to remain in the back of my mind while I'm on cause I never know when I could be disconnected and not able to return for a while.

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