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Originally Posted by skyranger1414 View Post
I don't know what game you're playing, but my cruiser already uses APO and APD.

Also, I don't know if you're familiar with the concept of uptime (all you new kids and teenyboopers that never did proper WoW raids never seem to take it into consideration) but an escort ziping around like a bee is not going to be doing much of anything DPS-wise, while a cruiser can simply do circles around its target never letting up the damage.

But, if you insist that escorts are the best tanks, feel free to fly on and try serious tanking.

P.S. If your cruiser isn't ranking up the threat talent you're doing it wrong!

P.S. x 2. If you're a cruiser enthusiast that STILL feels wronged might I direct you to the KDF cruiser selection? Their cruisers are generally acknowledged to be the best and more fun to fly.
This would be true if the escort HAD to be zipping around like a bee to stay alive. Instead it is actually common practice for the Escort to park it's butt right in front of the target and just unload while cycling TT1 and the occasional shield heal. While much more effective as a tactic for an Engineering captain the damage boosts available to a Tac mean that most enemies are dead before you are even if you do take a much higher amount of damage.

As for your comment about speccing into threat control? Aside from being offensive in the extreme (you do not sound as if you actually PLAY cruisers much) it is a waste of skill points in its current position on the skill tree. Would you support having it's position swapped with Attack Patterns if it meant more cruiser captains wold be speccing into it? (as 1,000 skill points per level is much less of a burden than 2,500 per)