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11-23-2012, 07:30 AM
... /sigh typical BS answering.

Those exotic weapons do have an advantage of being 2 energy weapon types and include the stat bonus of both energy weapon types.

Spiral Energy weapons use Phaser and disruptor types and grant the phaser chance to disable subsystems and disruptor debuff chance.

Polarize disruptor have both disruptor debuff and polaron debuff.

Phased Tetryon has the shield hit chance of tetryon weapons and the phaser subsystem debuff chance.

So far only Polarized Tetryon doesn't dollow that pattern and instead increases the shield damage proc chance x4 = 10%, up from 2.5% of original tetryon weapons.

It is sad that so many ST fans answer in this "I'm going to give you a BS vague answer manner cause I want to be a troll" kind of attitude. We all get more then enough of that BS in real life. This is suppose to be a fun game, not a real life simulator.

This is a gaming community forum, not a 15 minutes of fame interview on 60 minutes or the "today" show.
Give real answers, not a famous person vague BS answer.

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