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11-23-2012, 08:31 AM
the build, which works well in PVP with a proper team was concieved using beams if you look closely there are dual beam banks forward and beam arrays aft... in the team atmosphere in which it was built it does that role kind of nicely and while yes the return on energy siphon is not all that great it is enough to take ALL of my energy levels up above 120... which means that the Quantum Field Focus Controller gets the most benifit from it... I only run 1 phaser relay because when I PVP I pull that and the isometric charge to be replaced with a subspace jumper and move the assimilated console to my tac slots to make use for another field emitter or particle generator.... I have looked over your suggestions and while I will have to experiment with some I will prolly leave others alone as they are working as intended...
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