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Are dual cannons that important to carrier builds?
Depends on the build, obviously. Check the community's reaction when Cryptic's announced Vesta will be able to mount dual cannons.
Carriers have slow turn-rate, but with commander universal boff station you could dump a tactical officer, put on some dual cannons, scatters and rapids and your dps would increase significantly. They're also good for sci builds - slows, holds etc. And if anything, it's at least an option which Atrox doesn't provide.
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Is the Atrox that inferior?
Just compare the stats. Atrox is a standard Tier 5 ship with 9 consoles, while Recluse is a "Fleet" level type of ship.
Recluse has more base HP, bigger shield modifier, 10th console slot, a bit better turn-rate and comes not only with its own (good) fighters, but also with a thermionic torpedo, which is a decent disable-type weapon that you can use on other ships.

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What's a better buy, a Mobius or a Recluse? I know the Mobius isn't a carrier, but if you had the EC to spend, which would you pick?
It's not a matter of "which one would I pick", as they're completely different classes. I fly mobius on a Tac and I think it's a decent choice for a Sci as well, but for my Eng I've tried out numerous ships only to stick with Vesta for the time being, at least until Feds receive some proper Battlecruiser (hopefully one of the andorian ships).

Speaking of battlecruisers and spending EC - D'Kora may be a good choice for you. It provides decent amount of firepower with dual cannons, can turn pretty well and has boff layout that allows for both firepower and tanking (i.e. great for an engineer).

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Umm, you can mount dual cannons on an atrox.
No, you can't, unless they've changed something recently, which I doubt.