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11-23-2012, 08:20 AM
Originally Posted by shaele501 View Post
As for your comment about searching for Dev responses, for me at least the dev tracker will not advance past the first page so any responses not on that page are hidden and useless.
You just need to click '2' a bunch of times before it will work. I know, annoying, but eventually it'll work.

Of course, searching through the tracker would probably be useless anyways, since there's hundreds of posts - use the Advanced Search options to search by username. Type branflakes' name in, and you'll see all his stuff.

It's also a good workaround for the fact that clicking on a profile name goes to the CoreConnect page, not the user's posts like it should.

Originally Posted by sirricwin View Post
I agree it would be alot easier for everyone (even those people answering the support tickets )if they added a record of stipend payouts, and indeed all, zen payouts to your account.
Since the first days of the game people have been asking for better records where the C Store is concerned. So far, nothing.
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