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11-23-2012, 08:59 AM
Originally Posted by ferdzso0 View Post
oh, brilliant idea. by the time most ppl got through tier 2, lets lower the timers on that...

it is on par with the idea of letting us open the boxes next week, when the same ppl will already have reached tier 3...

granted there will be others who approach it more casually, but this way you are just frakking with the hardcore base, which will stop being a base if frakked over too many times
Well, I skipped a day due to apathy but my first set of Tier 3 projects have around 24 hours left to go - given the increase in XP required to reach Tier 3 I doubt anyone's going to get there by next Thursday (maybe they'll just make it - don't think I will).

The crates are largely irrelevant though - I honestly don't think I'll ever bother opening mine - I'll keep it as a souvenir of STO's second great currency nerf...
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