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Ok, so I was out of town and didn't get to test anything of s7 until after it hit live. Which I don't mind since I am not currently a max level player and most of the stuff is for max level.

Here is the thing though, I decided to visit my fleets embassy, just to check it out, see if there was anything I could do, etc. I found that I could except the Officer of the Watch daily for your embassy, but then hit a snag.

It asks me to scan for radiation while in orbit. But I can't orbit New Romulus. If I go to new Romulus from sector space, I am beamed directly into the embassy. Beam to my ship from inside the embassy, and I am back out in sector space.

I can only assume this is because New Romulus is intended for Max Players. Which is fine I guess, but I find it odd they I can get a mission that essentially can't be completed. Am I just doing something wrong, and in fact I can complete this mission? or does Cryptic need to lock non-max level players out of the Embassy Officer of the Watch daily as it is suppose to be only for max level players?