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Originally Posted by wackywombat View Post
The problem with that is adding additional healing to NPCs makes DPS dependance more important, not less. I'm not saying the Borg are balanced now, but they're certainly not game breaking overpowered either.

Adding some new AI MIGHT be a solution, but what would you change? Make them target highest DPS and not highest threat? Use different abilities? AI is not a simple thing to create and balance, you can't just 'Make them smarter' without breaking or re-writing existing mechanics.

I wouldn't be against it, but what type of abilities or behavior would you suggest that would make them more challenging, but not destroy their balance?
For one, make them recognize when other Borg craft are in need of repairs and the ability to prioritize healing order, starting with themselves. Give Cubes Borg-flavored Hazard Emitters and Target Subsystems abilities. This would give them the ability to heal mobs and damage their targets without being too over-the-top.

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