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11-23-2012, 10:54 AM
Originally Posted by nyxadrill View Post
I'd love too but I dont see an option to change currency. The payment page always plonks me in Europe and all it offers is Euros. I'll take another look though in case theres an option to change that I've missed. Appreciate the help too. Thinking on are you still using a Cryptic Acccount or a PWE linked account? It might still be possible to buy using USD on the Cryptic accounts.

The discrepancy, however, still needs an explanation from PWE/Cryptic.
I usually use my Visa Internet card, payments made from Moneybookers just like 'najj210' mentioned he does as well. I always have the option to pay in dollars, so I do that and don't lose anything in the trasnfer, I agree however that the discrepancy is somewhat illogical.
Oh and no, mine is not a Cryptic account, it's a PWE one.