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This has been something I've meant to comment on awhile.

The SOMEWHAT (not entirely) skin and costume glossiness in Champs makes sense because it's a stylistic choice. (Even then, they have a variety of material options and skin in a variety of versions, including oiled up.)

It always stood out to be in STO, however, that skin is matte. I'd have thought maybe it was a stylistic choice but the hair and uniforms are NOT typically pure matte and are often leathery. It looks like everyone is wearing HEAVY makeup powder.

I just did Google Image searches for Kirk. Almost every one of them has a shiny face. Spock? Less so but still some. Worf, less so in some but still typically shiny.

What I'd like is a skin shininess slider, like the hair slider. There are other face options I'd like, like isolated wrinkle overlays, blush complexion, and more. But the lack of skin shininess stands out to me.