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Originally Posted by cmdrscarlet View Post
Help me learn more about the idea. The above seems to work when other players are nearby, right?

But ... I'm playing solo in an instance and get trounced for whatever reason. My hull is down to zero but I'm alone and surrounded ...

Here, is it a case of "too bad" and the existing mechanic is in place: blow up, respawn, try again or get out.

not necessarily, here the mini-game idea could kick in and instead of abandoning your ship, you try to restore core containment, or temporarily reroute life support to structural integrity. If you succeed, you'd get a little of your hull and shields back, and better keep evasive manoeuvres and some boff heals handy.

If you don't succeed in the mini-game you still might blow up or abandon ship (and also blow it up) and then respawn i guess. Or alternately you just could get a critical wound and then try again.

Of course the "wounds" you currently get for blowing up, you'd get every time the ship is disabled.