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11-23-2012, 10:31 AM
Originally Posted by sirricwin View Post
You'd think it would be obvious to use phasers on the Dread, but so many people dont.

And at what point did I say "Use this setup in PVP!!!!!!" It'll never work in PVP, so i said its my PVE setup.

Its people like you who are a problem in this community. You have obviously misread or misinterpreted parts of my post; yet you are too ready to criticize without first looking into the fundamentals or even trying it yourself. You are not in possession of the facts, but still feel its your responsibility, to have the sheer arrogance, to post like that.

You seem to be in a foul mood. Did you just blow 4k Zen on an Ody pack?
yes well, i can make a qualified statement about using 4 DHC at 10 km range while using 4 RCS is suboptimal to say the least.
basically you made it a slow moving escort with 3 tac boff powers, only 3 tac consoles, and no resi consoles whatsoever. Of course you can't be able to go any closer than 10km, because then you would be shredded to pieces.
and it is people like you who then come to the forums complaining about difficulty and unbalanced ship classes...with a setup like wonder.

you fixate on PVP, while the major part of my statement was specifically directed on the PVE part.
your stetement that you use 4 DHC at a range of 10km, just underlines that obviously you do not understand basic game mechanics. what really surprices is, that you actually know about the inferiority of cannons over large distances, yet you write "they may be better"...let me tell you that beams are far superior over long distances.
which brings me to the next synergy free setup of yours: 4 Dueal beam banks front and 4 beam arrays rear? how do you fly this ship to bring more than 4 weapons on target? well you can't...thats why it is a targ turd setup.

i'm not in a foul mood, but when i see BS i tend to point it out! and what i read in your post was the pinacle of BS mountain. Your build, even if only PVE must be one of the most ridiculous builds ever concived for that ship.
i mean 4 RCS...actually impressive of you to admit to this on the forums.
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