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11-23-2012, 11:41 AM
I agree that I need the Tac team... but I concentrate more on the Sci so I need more Sci abilities to work from....

so my initial pass is energy Siphon.... once they Clear that U usually sub nuc them target subsystems wth the dual beam banks... the torps are more a distraction but they do work....once Im in Tractor range I hold them with a tractor beam and gravametric pulse JUST to make sure...if I do my job right I hold the primary in position for the rest of my team to kill it and with my build my aux is already pretty high so im not hurting myself as much as you might think...I have 2 instances of EPtS 1, a RSP 1, HE 2, ST 2 and TSS 3,

and that still left me with TB 1 PH 1, Energy Siphon 2, and Grav Well 3,....
sometimes I forget to launch my fighters...

Im more agile than most sci ships... but not enough to make use of the Cannons... if I were leaning more toward a tac captain build it would look alot like the builds you have all suggested..... in PVE I use the Isometric Charge console on targets close together but I found it useless in PVP where my opponents rarely group I will replace that with a subspace jump console, which I use to set up the Quantum Field Focus Controller....
Jump use an aux battery just to make sure, hit them with the Gravwell and the shot from the Quantum Field Focus Controller while targeting a subsystem, say shields or weapons.... maybe go after engines if you want to try and keep them there long enough to finish what you started when the beam is done hit evasive maneuvers pop dispersal pattern alpha and get outta there dropping a couple tricobalt mines in your wake

the build is sound as long as Im not the focus of the opposing teams fire if that happens this crumples like tin foil...
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