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Originally Posted by skyranger1414 View Post
I'm sorry, you have just proven you have no idea of what a tanking cruiser is supposed to DO. The threat control skill is possibly the MOST important skill points you can spend for a tanking captain because its what allows tanking to occur. Otherwise how do you plan to hold agro? You're not going to out-dps an escort (or possibly even a sci vessel). So if you're not tanking you just became a healing cruiser.... how well can tanking cruisers heal will depend on the build but if you want to tank it won't be satisfactory.

A cruiser is not valued for its DPS alone, a cruiser is valued because it allows escorts and sci vessels to totally ruin an NPCs day with impunity. If you're not doing that, your tanking cruiser is simply not doing its job. A healing cruiser can work differently but they usually also tank or DPS.
So your proposal/stance is that a cruiser is just fine because they can tank without a healer in endgame PvE group encounters. That is false for several reasons.

1) Tank what for whom? Any decently built ship can handle anything end game pve can throw at it without a 'dedicated' tank in the group. This is especially true when people cross-heal.

2) A Science Vessel can fill that role better than a cruiser.

3) An Escort can fill that role just as well as a cruiser.

4) A heal-boat would be more useful than a tank typically.

What does the cruiser ship hull itself have that helps it self tank? Nothing beyond Engineering boff slots which can be found on other hull types if desired. The two important factors that matter for self tanking are simple, how much damage can you mitigate via resists and bonus defense, and how much self healing/sustain are you capable of. The cruiser hull does not have an advantage in either of those categories. In addition they have a much more difficult time establishing and maintaining proper positioning and thanks to crew mechanics suffer from those as well.