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Originally Posted by gong1fu1panda View Post
I think this thread existed before, but I cannot find it anymore... so I just start a new one.

Problem 1: I am working on my level 3 reputation. The demand on Omega marks und Romulan marks are still extremely low. Currently I have no motivation to play any stfs, because I still have so many marks from previous runs.

Problem 2: Cryptic has still not introduced different rewards for different stfs or created any incentives to play the more difficult stfs like "Cure elite ground", etc.

I am no enemy of the new system. But a lot of things still need to be tuned here! I don't care how they do it. But I want to go back to the time when players like playing stfs everyday and not just "infected".
at this point, instead of being a hunt for items like STF'ing was in season 6, the only motivation at this point for running the harder ones, is the challenge itself.

You CAN beat ISE in a Miranda. you won't be able to do CSE, any of the ground missions, KASE or Hive Onslaught the same way...but the payout numerically is the SAME.

I'd kind of wish that the Devs would address the fact we have 1 STF that is braindead easy, even on Elite, because I LIKE the varied content and really do NOT like sitting forever and a day in the que...then again, maybe they shouldn't, because the marginal players and the grinders all flock to ISE now, result being some of the smoothest Cure Ground runs I've EVER SEEN., wait, it's not a bug. It's a FEATURE. I've seen some real douchebags with attitudes in S6, but since everything became more or less "Play what you want, the Rewards are the same" in STF's, I haven't seen a single douchebag troll flamer-master in the STF's of my choice.

Probably because they're all playing Infected instead.

I like this.