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Originally Posted by chi1701d View Post
Cruisers where never meant to "tank" in the trinity sense. .....
I agree, the system STO uses is a very loose one where you can do all content without "needing" any one class, but specific ship classes are better at their specialties than others. Cruisers are clearly designed to lean towards damage mitigation/absorption. Personally I prefer this design philosophy over a hard trinity like you might find in WoW.

Originally Posted by bareel View Post
So your proposal/stance is that a cruiser is just fine because they can tank without a healer in endgame PvE group encounters. That is false for several reasons.

1) Tank what for whom? Any decently built ship can handle anything end game pve can throw at it without a 'dedicated' tank in the group. This is especially true when people cross-heal.

"dedicated" DPS like escorts and "dedicated" CC like Sci ships are not specifically needed either... this is actually a strength of the design Cryptic has used.

2) A Science Vessel can fill that role better than a cruiser.

What? We will just have to agree to disagree on that one. My Sci cap in a Sci Vessel is still too new for me to comment on this, but from what I know so far this is pretty much flat out wrong.

3) An Escort can fill that role just as well as a cruiser.

Not "just as well". Have you piloted both types of ships? I have, there's no way I can say my escort is as tanky as my cruiser. Bear in mind I build my ships to be as independent as survivable as possible, and I tell you.. my cruiser tanks better.

4) A heal-boat would be more useful than a tank typically.

A heal boat can allow an escort to tank with almost no risk... but a tanky cruiser can tank and heal itself much more easily. Different playing styles I'd say.

What does the cruiser ship hull itself have that helps it self tank? Nothing beyond Engineering boff slots

and a better shield mod if memory serves.... and those extra Eng Boff slots are HUGE for survivability, which again, is the cruiser's specialty. If all you care about is out DPS-ing an escort you're doing it wrong
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