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11-23-2012, 01:19 PM
Hell Im still learning how to effectively PVP I can hold my own most days but its not my job to kill you its to hold you in place while "others" kill you....

and with that my Fleetmates have helped me realize that I was hurting myself using the Fleet Nebula... I love the ship I love the way it looks....but its not effective for the role I wanted to play.... so I got talked into giving the Fleet Deep Space Science Ship a try..... from that moment on I was hooked..... now Im trying to figure out what I can do with the FDSSV build and apply it to the Science Vesta (unfortunately as of this posting the FDSSV outperforms the vesta on all categories but the flight deck) I think or at least the vesta Feels like it turns better but its not faste enough for a sci captain to use the cannons unless you wanna sacrifice an ENG slot for a RCS console

you have a Multi-Mission Surveillance Explorer (Science Vesta) build for PVP that works feel free to send me a mail with the build..... its always good to have multiple builds to experiment with until you find one that feels right
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