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Q: (tatterdemalion1) When is crafting going to be reworked? Aside from the Aegis set, there?s nothing craftable we can make that we can?t buy in the Dilithium Store, so what?s the point of all those crafting materials apart from putting them towards Fleet Projects?

Dstahl: Crafting is slated to get its own Reputation System and we also want to revamp the system. The earliest time frame the revamp will happen would be in Season 9 or later, but we may be able to get the Reputation system and rewards out sooner. We?ll have to see how Season 8 goes first.

Here comes the added dilithium costs onto the crafting system, you thought it was already worthless then? Just you wait.

Answering a few fluff questions, doesn't actually give players concerns a rest nor does it show that you intend on solving the underlining problems with the game daStahl. Furthermore, where is my Trait reset

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Why do I get the impression that all my accumulated crafting skill will be robbed from my toons and I'll have to start all over again ?
Because you will be robbed without a question. Just like Cryptic robbed fleets work by nerfing requirements after they ( the players ) already paid through the nose for the projects and Cryptic gave nothing back in return for the resources squandered.

Doesn't really matter though, because they didn't nerf them enough, they should remove dilithium from base requirements all together.

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