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They took patrols out Stoner. Apparently they weren't working right. Hopefully they'll get it working.

Originally Posted by coupaholic View Post
I was going to post another thread to ask this, but it might be better just to ask here since it is idle discussion.

I'm curious to know whether I as a foundry player would see more 3 part missions or trilogy collections that both offer a decent mission or story arc while still satisfying the new officer reports daily criteria.

I appreciate the work people put into foundry content (it's the only worthwhile end game content as far as I'm concerned) but on some days I would be happy to just play a single mission in 3 parts that last 50 mins or so.

As it stands we have plenty of single missions, lots of series missions and stories that seem to be anything from 2 parts to 6.

This isn't a request, just curious to know if anyone has plans to do things that take advantage of the new daily criteria really.
I think you might see more of this.

I have made a three-part KDF series (see my sig), which can be played in any order. Unfortunately right now one of them doesn't qualify. Quite annoying, it may be that the people playing it have averaged it in under 20 minutes, might have to add a map or something to slow it down slightly.

Obviously my 5-part "Dissent" series would qualify, though I do hope people play the last two. And I do plan to add a two-part sequel to my Mirror Universe mission "Over There," so that would be one that would work.

And thank you coupaholic, you are the kind of person we make these missions for.
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