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Originally Posted by azurianstar View Post
You don't know why I'm bringing up my Frontier? Because the Regent was based off it?

And "The Regent will never have 30 decks", yet the Sovereign (with the Nemesis refit) has 29 decks. Without definitive dimensions, what you say is just guestimation. Which is why I'm asking Cryptic for the dimensions, so I have 100% accuracy.

Look, I'm actually trying to do something positive here and just want some simple dimensions. All I ask from Cryptic is just 3 sets of numbers, that's it.
Do you have any sort of proof that the Regent was based off of your ship? Did Cryptic say it was? No? Just your assumption? Oh good... I can ignore that then. Perhaps.... just maybe... the Regent was based off of this design sketch done for First Contact by the guy who designed the actual Enterprise-E:

Dont make assumptions that you cant prove.

The Regent will never have 30 decks because it is shorter than the Sovereign. You cant cram more decks into less physical space without shrinking the deck size.

As far as asking Cryptic for the numbers, you probably wont get them. You can live with guesstimates (heck you dont even have to use mine, you can do your own), or you can live with nothing.