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Originally Posted by skyranger1414 View Post
I'm sorry, you have just proven you have no idea of what a tanking cruiser is supposed to DO. The threat control skill is possibly the MOST important skill points you can spend for a tanking captain because its what allows tanking to occur. Otherwise how do you plan to hold agro? You're not going to out-dps an escort (or possibly even a sci vessel). So if you're not tanking you just became a healing cruiser.... how well can tanking cruisers heal will depend on the build but if you want to tank it won't be satisfactory.

A cruiser is not valued for its DPS alone, a cruiser is valued because it allows escorts and sci vessels to totally ruin an NPCs day with impunity. If you're not doing that, your tanking cruiser is simply not doing its job. A healing cruiser can work differently but they usually also tank or DPS.
As to what a tanking cruiser is supposed to do? Not have fun In seriousness I do know what a TANK is supposed to do, it's supposed sit there and take it up the ass while everybody else does damage. It is, quite frankly, a boring thing to do and I, like most cruiser pilots, fly them because we either like the look of the ships, want to fly the Enterprise, or both. What bugs us is that when we try to do anything OTHER than tank or heal we have people telling us to either get lost or get an escort. And a lot of the time we get the same reaction even when we do try to fill the tank/healer role because there's really not much use for it in the endgame content. You can argue the point, but when the optimal solution to a mission is to have five escorts specced for raw firepower a tank/healer is completely superfluous.

Actually skill points put into threat control are wasted, at least in skill tree's current form because those skill points can be used to greater effect in other places and putting even three points into that skill is 7500 that can be used elsewhere to buff various subsystems, science skills, shield strength or healing, hull strength or healing, critical damage and hit chance, or just straight damage.

It's not so much that Threat Control is a bad skill, but that the return on investment into the skill is so very, very low that any benefit is massively outstripped by the penalties of skilling into Threat Control as opposed to virtually any other skill you could name.

I'll also note you said absolutely nothing about my thought that Threat Control and Attack Patterns should be swapped to encourage people to skill into Threat Control by reducing the opportunity cost of taking points into Threat Control. It's almost as if you think that making it less of a burden to skill into Threat Control is a bad idea? Or is it that you don't want to have to pay more for a boost to your nifty and powerful attack patterns, skills that only escorts/raptors/BoPs can truly use to effect?

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