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11-23-2012, 02:07 PM
The helpful suggestion is bellow the Quote box.

The Following is a slight whine about the KDF situation, especially in light of what was said only a couple of weeks ago. I've put it in a Quote box so you can skip it if you feel like it.

A couple of weeks ago you pretty much said That Season 8 will be the KDF season, and yet you've not even gotten the go ahead, its about ~6 months away. Why do I feel we're getting boned again?

Roach will have to change his signature again.

I do have one additional question. At what point is it not ok to ignore your players? I mean once the 20% of players that play Klingons have gotten hacked off and buggered off, is it ok to ignore the Science ship players, as they'll be the next smallest faction?

(I drive a science ship on the KDF side, so I'm doubly boned. Granted I only drive the ship because its the only ship option for me!)

Annoyed? Slightly.
Saddened? You bet ya.
Surprised? Not in the least.
How about another for the KDF, to give a little back? As most KDF players are going to be very tight fisted with their money after getting hosed so many times.

So one thing that is an idea is new skins for all the top ships, and priced at a nice low price. Ya know the micro-transaction idea. A small charge is more likely to have the KDF players paying.

Make some race specific and alternate skins for existing ships. As a Gorn Tactical I gotta fly a Varnaus, because its the only Gorn ship that exists. I'd much rather be in a Battle crusier or a Raptor, but there's no Gorn skins for either.