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11-23-2012, 02:11 PM
I will try this one last time for you Skyranger. Tanking is about avoiding taking damage, or healing away the damage when you do not have someone else healing you.

An Escort will take less damage in a fight than a cruiser. This is because of it's higher bonus defense score.

A Science Vessel will heal more damage in a fight than a cruiser. This is because of it's higher shield modifier.

Now it is true that engineering boff abilities tend to be really good at healing and resisting damage. It is also true that cruisers tend to have more of these than any other hull. But that is the boff ability that is granting it tank not the ship.

Any escort that has a few engineering boff slots for things like Emergency Power to Shields and the like and maintains a high speed will be able to tank just as well, if not better, than the cruiser would. The only reason the cruiser could out-do it would be it could have a higher tier of Epower to shields active that grants more resistance to make the increased avoidance of the escort a wash. Try flying an escort tank sometime for kicks it will really open your eyes I would think.

Any science vessel that has a few engineering boff slots can do the same exact thing. Except they will passively regenerate more shields than the cruiser would.

Do not confuse what the ship type adds, and what the boff abilities add. The simple fact is an escort is better at avoiding damage than the cruiser, and the science vessel is better at regenerating than the cruiser leaving the cruiser with nothing but a bit more hull that in the end has no true bearing on the ability to tank. In most MMOs the warrior is not the tank because he has the most hit points. It is because he is the best at a combination of reducing and avoiding incoming damage. The cruiser ships themselves do not do this in any way, shape, or form.

Also keep in mind I am talking about a small difference. It is plainly obvious that Cryptic does not care one bit about ships being truely balanced they just want them close enough. Otherwise either the Vesta is over powered or nearly every other Sci Vessel is under powered. That is the level of disparity that bothers me, although it is a bit more of a disparity between standard cruiser hulls and escorts IMHO.