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Why do I get the impression that all my accumulated crafting skill will be robbed from my toons and I'll have to start all over again ?
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Because, you will, just like the STFs, just like all of us.

Ok I am confused. Dan stated these in the Q&A.

Q: (ebrithil1) As much as I love all the new content you've been pushing out for the Feds, I like my Klingons too. When can we expect to see you fulfill the promise you made to expand the content on the red side?

Dstahl: Personally, I?m still very committed to ensuring the KDF has levels 1-50, more so than I can even publicly talk about because it would involve going into details about all the internal conversations I?ve had within the company about this topic. It is my goal as EP to make this happen and the only thing that I can give you is that I?m fighting for it and want to do it. It just isn?t official yet.

Q: (vawlkus) Please tell me there?s a timeline to get Klingon?s back to starting at level 1. I flat our refuse to start a new character at level 20. Even if the missions aren?t there, let us figure out our way upwards.

Dstahl: Totally agree with you and I?m working on it getting it approved and have been ever since I returned as EP. I?m not giving up on this.

And yet, during the Season 7 Update! More Changes Inbound! Posted Nov 20, 2012 thread, he states the following.

So I am confused. If Dan has ultimate say as EP on what goes in and what stays out, why is he needing anything approved?
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One could imagine a situation in which He is probably having to justify spending the extra Time, Resources and
M O N E Y on further developing the Klingon Faction, while much of the data He already has, shows a Monetary Loss.

That in and oif itself, could be the largest and hardest hurdle to get over, when trying to convince the people who make the BIG Decisions, to okay the expenditure on a project of this nature..
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