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11-23-2012, 04:23 PM
My number 1 annoyance in STO:

Reduce the Respawn timer on deaths in Elite mode... 15 seconds on death 1... fine.

then +15 seconds on each additional death... What the heck?

That's insane especially when you have died 6+ times which equates to 90 seconds.

I'm sorry but I came to PLAY not fracking sit on the bench!

15 seconds each time you die would be more appropriate.


#2: Borg Spheres are over powered again.

I can just imagine how bad it would be without the more elite equipment that I have on my character now.



#3: Reset the Dilithium back to what it was in Season 6.

Such as add the 1440 back to the B'Tran run.

Reset Elite STF's to 1100 instead of the current 960.