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11-23-2012, 04:27 PM
I merely dabble in PvP. But the things I have read and the vids I have watched have improved my enjoyment of the game. I'd like to thank all those known and unknown who've done so. Your intentions are good and I, for one, appreciate it when someone does these things. You wanted to make others better players so you in turn can have better opponents thus increasing your enjoyment of the game. A laudable goal I can support whole heartedly.

But no matter how eloquently you state your case or how brilliant your vids are, not everyone will read your words or watch the how-tos. Because many people do not realize just how badly they are cheating themselves of of gigabytes of good information. It is unfortunate this is true. However I promise to keep watching with great interest the things you share and applying them to my own play. I suspect there are many more than you think who do the same but never publicly acknowledge doing so. It would be easy to get discouraged at this. Don't you believe for one minute all of us ignore or discount the advice and info you so generously hand out.
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