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11-23-2012, 05:24 PM
You know, although this comment isn't directly related to the spotlights, I feel both happy and sad about the work I did testing foundry on Tribble. Because, even though I only spent a small bit of time testing, the sometimes disappearing contacts and the odd pathing work with patrols just breaking were my only two bug reports... they are also apparently the two big things that went wrong with the update. :/

On the topic of the spotlights though, although I do NOT stand by Kirk's comments on just leaving the Foundry "as is" and no longer updating, I do think that the concerns brought up show the scale that would come up with the spotlighted missions under your stewardship. That even though we are making this seasonal update process more streamlined and better every go (I still love the slow scale up; Missions tested for critical breaks, Missions published without review ability, Editing Options Open up, then Review options open up.) Every season there will be something that may pop out of no where and be significant. As the spotlight list grows it will be harder to manage. Especially if relying on authors to let you know if something is broken. An author who is gone, can't check for you. Does that mean bug tickets?

Every year you'll be adding 52 missions. Even if you scale back or do "Returning Spotlight Weeks" you'll still be adding a lot. Even if 5 missions break, that's a lot of work, let alone 20 when you have 120 to have under your wing. Granted the disappearing author situation is probably a bad scenario if missions are still manageable by original authors, you'd be outsourcing a lot of work and making it run faster if we can have an easier way to get edited projects to you.

We may not know how yet, or have a reasonable way figured, but, it is something no matter what we do we'll need to keep our minds on.