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11-23-2012, 04:42 PM
This question invariably crops up once every month and it attracts all comers to the same argument.

In summary:
The Gal X is a very specialized ship to fly, very much unlike an escort or even a regular assault cruiser. If you don't agree with that, you will be exposed quickly in PvP and taken down... adding to the reputation (which is undersesrved)
It can tank well.
It is best capable for high-burst, not necessarily sustained DPS (single cannons up front x 4 with 4 turrets in the rear), as it does not function as an escort. NOTICE the term, "high burst" damage. That is really different from sustained DPS. High burst is essentially being able ot penetrate the uber-shield combinations that exist to inflect damage that can't be readily healed. In PvP matches versus competent players, escorts with output steady good DPS, but its simply at game of math as to whether you can outshiedl or outheal the damage you are taking. Burst damage from a lance is special, and a difference maker in PvP if you are coordinated wiht your team.
The ship functions for burst damage first, then combat support for your team while you wait on CD. You should be able to tank and absorb ridiculous fire from escorts. After they realize you aren't one of their "99%" (is that like one of the 47% Mitt Romney referred to?), you will be able to cripple kill the second ship in their 5 ship team and well on your way to bragging rights for the evening.
You simply have to accept that the Gal X can't do much else after firing its lance aside from supporting your team with heals and decent DPS output. If you go beam arrays, get FAW and APB to apply the APB bonus for your team's attacks.

This is not really a summary.

Trying to be succinct (again):
1- Fly the Gal X if you are up to the challenge of flying something very different. Most PvPers will scorn you, until you prove yourself capable of withstanding their alpha strikes. Then again, who cares? IF you enjoy the role of the Gal-X, its a blast. IN STFs, you are welcomes sight (share your heals).
2- If you aren't willing to put in the time, be disciplined about EPtS and EPtW cycling... don't do it, lining up your buffs/debuffs, etc before a lance strike (and being a TAC officer for that matter... a Sci or Eng is not going to get DPS out of this thiing)... don't do it.