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11-23-2012, 05:51 PM
I think the Atrox is as good as the Voq, but the Karfi is a lot better. The Atrox is fine, very tanky, but not great for DPS since it doesn't have duals. Same DPS as Voq though, more or less. The pets the Feds have are fine, most are identical to the Klinks, except the bops, and they are only good if you baby sit them.

I have all three and I like the Karfi the best, but the Voq and Atrox are the same, at least for my play style. I have no problems doing elite STFs and doing solid DPS in all of them, and since they nerfed the invisible torp of doom, I never die.

The Recluse is better though, no downside, besides that it's fugly.

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