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A Galaxy class refit x2! Galaxy class ship is my favourite. I wish that they have a Galaxy class that has turn rate 12 with 4 fore and 4 aft weapons. Plus a special move that fire concentrated phaser beam collected from every phaser module on the beam array. (unlike the boff ability of beam overload). It was a flagship of the Federation. This was a ship encompassed the pinnacle of Federation technology. The Romulan at one point wanted to capture and to display it at their capital city. The Klingon wanted to steal its tactical information from its main computer under the pretense of diplomatic visit.
-- Vice Admiral's log, stardate 57134.2
... I began to panic and asked my human companion of the meaning of toon. He replied that it was something that was not real. I protested to him that I was walking and running and killing. What did he mean that I was not real? He replied that everyone knew the universe was a computer simulation. Occasionally, he had to accompany another toon too.