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Originally Posted by bareel View Post
I will try this one last time for you Skyranger. Tanking is about avoiding taking damage, or healing away the damage when you do not have someone else healing you.

An Escort will take less damage in a fight than a cruiser. This is because of it's higher bonus defense score.

A Science Vessel will heal more damage in a fight than a cruiser. This is because of it's higher shield modifier.

Now it is true that engineering boff abilities tend to be really good at healing and resisting damage. It is also true that cruisers tend to have more of these than any other hull. But that is the boff ability that is granting it tank not the ship.
An Escort will deal less damage in a fight than a Cruiser. This is because of its (<- pay attention) lower number of Weapons.

Now, it's true that Tactical BOFF abilities tend to be really good at DDing and it is no less true that Escorts do tend to have more of these than any other Ship type; but that is inherent to the BOFF ability, not to ship.
(wow, typing that reductio ad absurdum made me realise: you really hate commas!)

The claim that Cruisers can take less punishment than Escorts or SVs is ludicrous. Ok, ok some SVs built purely for tanking can indeed survive extremely well (especially with an Eng Captain), mostly because of the Field Generator issue: stick 5 of those things on a Ship, add heals/resists (of which Sci isn't short on) and you've got a "tough little Ship".

1. That Ship can only tank/heal, no CC - it's a pseudocruiser more than a SV at that point.
2. If those outtank Cruisers (not sure, never formally tested), the problem lies squarely in stacking Field Gens.

Escorts on the other hand? No, just no.
SVs that actually try to CC/debuff? No.
I play (welll, played, been away the last few weeks) all types of Ships and Captains and I can tell you, my Escorts and SVs are a lot more fragile than my Cruisers. Even Tac/Cruiser.

You dismiss a 11% advantage in Shields as meaningless, a ~26% advantage in Hull as meaningless, many more survivability-oriented BOFFs as somehow irrelevant and blow a small (70% vs 60%) Defense advantage way out of proportion, that practice has a name: intellectual dishonesty.

Another bit of intellectual dishonesty you keep exhibiting: if you've ever played this game, you know that the Escorts never have the best Defense in practice: an Escort/front-firing SV that keeps its Defense maxxed isn't pointing its Cannons/DBBs/Torpedoes on targets for very long, therefore not doing much damage; a Cruiser/broadside SV can keep its Arrays on target while maintaining its Defense.

Edit: lol at whoever claimed Threat Control is a waste.

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