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11-23-2012, 06:40 PM
Have had a number of runs with the Fleet on Normal and a total of 3 runs on Elite.

Normal ent fine, and we discussed tactics and seemed to have a workable plan. Thought we were ready for Elite. Total chaos. Dying like crazy and going through Components like Tic-tacs. Ended up with 3 cubes and I don't know how many spheres in our spawn area. Not good, but we struggled through and overcame in the end.

Had our 3rd Elite run this evening. Missed the first optional by a few seconds and that was the only problem. No mess, no fuss. I died once at the start. First Unimatrix went down fast. Too fast for one guy, who didn't get clear in time.

We'll iron out the kinks with the start of the STF to ensure we get all the optional and I imagine we will be blasting through it like we do with Cure Elite.

On a side note, some of us like the fact that the combat with the Borg is harder than pre-Season 7. Space STFs had lost their challenge and we were sleepwalking and/or blasting our way through them.