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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
turn the BNPs into dilithium? and grind the system some more so you can eventually turn your marks into dilithium as well
I really dont need all that dilithium and even if I need I can buy some.Dilithium is in my opinion easy to get (yes even if you have more than 1 toon and by easy I mean fast need a good team and in 1 hour you can max out 8000D) what it needs is a goal or something ...something like lockboxes ,something to make you play the same mission over and over again.Btw Im not saying that something has to be a overpowered weapon...idk...tribbles ..release a collection of tribble which drop only in specific missions...they only need to use their imagination .

and even more sad is that now no one on the elite stf channel plays elite ground stfs