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I really dont need all that dilithium and even if I need I can buy some.Dilithium is in my opinion easy to get (yes even if you have more than 1 toon and by easy I mean fast need a good team and in 1 hour you can max out 8000D) what it needs is a goal or something ...something like lockboxes ,something to make you play the same mission over and over again.Btw Im not saying that something has to be a overpowered weapon...idk...tribbles ..release a collection of tribble which drop only in specific missions...they only need to use their imagination .

and even more sad is that now no one on the elite stf channel plays elite ground stfs
You can always use the dill to get MasterKeys .

Do SB24 and other Fleetactions to get purple items. Even if you sell them for EC to get another LoxBox ship or an MKXII ACCx3 Phaser Beam Array xD

Try to find the good missions on the foundry :-P

Or breed the pokemons on New Romulus xD