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Quite well yes..
lets try and sober the crew up like Elvis Perkins Shampoo

Tis that alien girl her hair of sunshine
a mission of exploration
in support of a outpost station

they were primitive and pre warp drive
so we went to move them
so they didn't HIve

The Borg queen all a Grinch
so stern and mean
had plainly seen
all our presents

gathered to bait therm in..
we spiked the goodwill eggnog party
and dashed away all
without a good fight..

the Borg queen shot us astarte
I could clearly hear her exclaim
as we warped away

......Starfleet Red Shirts every one....
-Droen to Queen they left this drink for us.. seams yummy..
drones fall queeen reads note.. janesways private holiday stock in case of borg open glass.
Eau Claire La Fragrance Du Undine~
Beware of Cloaked Romulans Bering Gifts

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