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Originally Posted by picapica74 View Post
In the Foundry missions:

"Deadly Intentions Part 2/3" at the "Discover the Fate of the Task Force" stage, the final group of 3 Borg enemies always seem to lose a group, rendering the mission impossible.

"The Computer's Daughter" at the "En Passant" stage, the final group of Klingons is missing.

"Deep Space 11" at the "Breaking the Siege" stage, the 4th group of enemies always seems to go missing.

Those are just a few of the ones that I've been having a problem with. I haven't encountered the missing NPCs thing yet (thankfully), but it seems like a related issue.
The issue with the npcs works like this: If you get too far away from a npc contact or even random npcs, they despawn forever.

I have issues in my missions where it seems like some npcs never spawn at all, even if my spawn point is close to them.

Could it be an issue where you maybe get close to the enemy mob on the other side of a wall, and then the hallway takes you too far away from them so they disappear?

Seems like the same problem, but we didn't know that it was also affecting enemy mobs.