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Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
Where am I supposed to be to see the cutscenes? when the timer cools down? Do the new missions come from the main Romulan leader?
Tier 1 Cutscene is when you have to go near the City Gates, interact with the bushes and you see the recording of a meeting, I guess you seen that one already.

Tier 2 Cutscene is when you go to the Mountain Pass instance (only opens at T2) and near the end you interact with a Shuttle and you see a recording of something of a meeting that happened in that landing pad.

They dont happen automatic (as in, you just walk into the trigger), they are also not tied to anything besides the Tier accolade and I think you can reply then if you go there again and interact with the object again.

Until you reach Tier 2 you will not see the next recording since, for starters, you cannot enter the Mountain Pass instance until you reach Tier 2 Reputation.