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Tier 1 Cutscene is when you have to go near the City Gates, interact with the bushes and you see the recording of a meeting, I guess you seen that one already.

Tier 2 Cutscene is when you go to the Mountain Pass instance (only opens at T2) and near the end you interact with a Shuttle and you see a recording of something of a meeting that happened in that landing pad.

They dont happen automatic, they are also not tied to anything and I think you can reply then if you go there again and interact with the object again.

Until you reach Tier 2 you will not see the next recording since, for starters, you cannot enter the Mountain Pass instance until you reach Tier 2 Reputation.
The only one I've seen is the first one between the Reman and the Romulan leader. I'll have to look for a city gate now. All I've been doing is run here, press f (or fight). The game never told me to do anything otherwise.