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The only one I've seen is the first one between the Reman and the Romulan leader. I'll have to look for a city gate now. All I've been doing is run here, press f (or fight). The game never told me to do anything otherwise.
Thats odd ... you dont have to look for a City gate, when I said Gate I mean the Gate to the Romulan Settlement since as it (the settlement) does not exist as a area just leads you strait to the Fleet Embassy.

You should have a mission that directs you to the left side of the Stairs that lead to the city Gate to some bushes that are under the walls, its close to were a group of romulans are talking, its should be some glowing bushes near the city wall.

Originally Posted by kirksplat View Post
OK so there is a story to the grinding progression if you wander around looking for a story to complement the grinding progression. Good to know. I will check my map for anything not resembling a grinding progression to give a story to the grinding progression.
Just be thankful there aren't any synthetics trying to kill you so you aren't killed by synthetics.

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