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What is the 10 % rule? Judging from how PO'd people got at me it has something to do with launching cubes. Can somebody let me know so I dont do whatever it was that I did again please.

At khitomere you have 1 large gate with a smaller one
On each side each small gate has 4 transformers around it
Take out 2 of these small transformers and a cube warps I'n
Above it
Take out the cube then the other two two transformers
The gate then move to the other side and do the same

The large gate that's left most people want left at 10%
until the other side is at 10% if you blow one
Early 2 spheres will come out with the 5 drone ships
Making it hard to fight them

Blow both gates together means less enemy's to shoot
That shoot back at you
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