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# 1 Dark Mirror Fleet
11-23-2012, 07:24 PM
Suppose instead of a peaceful Federation, there was a universe where mankind created a Terran empire. An empire where humanity's darkest impulses, its most savage, animistic desires had triumphed. Suppose that empire set out to the stars to ruled by terror, where only those willing to brutalize their own kind and their neighbors could survive? The Dark Mirror Fleet is from such a universe. A place were if you were to glimpse, your very reflection would frighten you. A place where real men are judged by the battles they've won and the blood they spilled.

Currently we are a few friends that have been playing STO since beta. However we are currently opening our doors to bring in a few like minded future friends. We're looking for mature players who like to have fun and cut up. We all have real life responsibilities and understand that those come first. Whether you're on every day or once a month is no problem. We may have a mirror universe theme fleet but we're pretty nice guys. If you're interested or have any questions feel free to send me a shout here or on our temp website at

We have a tier 2, level 8 starbase (with all the current limited special projects) and are nearly ready to begin work on tier 3.

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