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Originally Posted by rezking View Post
The invisi-kill and overpowered Borg upgrades took all the fun out of STF's.

BTW the easiest way to increase the challenge (without ruining it for everyone by changing the game) is to use a lower Tier ship.
And using regular Def/Eng/Shields and not the MACO/Omega/KHG/Borg sets.
And not using the Borg-rated weapons.

Now THAT will be a challenge
It really IS a matter of perspective-invisikill, as you call it, existed before S7, and the appellation "Death Pea" also existed LONG before S7's update, as did the (largely factual) statement that five tacs in escorts could faceroll EVERY STF, even on Elite, before S7.

In fact, you had to be REALLY bad, and have a REALLY poor build to fail most of them.

now, here comes Season 7, and all of a sudden, things that used to be nearly useless (science ships, healers) suddenly are pretty damn important, because suddenly there is an STF where 5 Tacs in Escorts will GET facerolled, even fail the MISSION, instead of merely the Optional, and you're complaining.

9 out of 10 times, the "invisikill torpedoes" were NOT invisible, I've observed this in play when others get it, and when I get it. Off-angle, maybe, even off your screen, but not invisible or a cheat.

It's called "target fixation" and happens in ANY game environment-you're doing well, you forget that the AI is doing things OTHER than totting your damage, you get got because you stopped paying attention to your environment.

I actually watched, recently, a guy in a VEsta sit there as the green-death-pea drifted lazily down on him, obliviously hammering probes at range of 9 or thereabouts, I couldn't get to him in time, but he didn't take ANY evasive, didn't pop ANY buffs, he had assumed because he was at a down-angle and long range that he was SAFE.

(mostly on account of hte infamous blind spots in CSE before the update...)

He starts into how he was "Invisikilled!!!" and ******** about bugs...kind of like a lot of folks here do on the forums. It wasn't "Invisikill" it was "You weren't looking at anything but your target."

In PvP, this habit gets you killed, as Thissler has often pointed out in her videos on Youtube.

It's not that the Borg are OP, it's that you're accustomed to a much, much, less capable AI wiht some obvious, glaring, habitual weaknesses that were closed off, and you haven't adapted yet.

I run a ship with less hull than a RUNABOUT and a sheilds multiplier that is a crude joke even WITH all the consoles I can cram in, if it's not too hard for me, then the Borg are NOT Overpowered in space this season.

It's called "When the sheilds light up like that, it means you have big green death peas coming to kill you. If you see the flashing green circle, it's going to be a torpedo spread of death coming to kill you."

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