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11-23-2012, 08:44 PM
Originally Posted by picapica74 View Post
Ok, I've replayed "Deadly Intentions, Part 2/3" and followed your advice to never let the Borg enemy group that would despawn get out of sensor range.

This worked and all groups remained in the mission to be defeated, allowing a successful completion.

I believe you are right, enemy groups (and most likely NPCs as well) are spawning in, despawning when they go "out of range" and not respawning when their spawn locations come back "into range."

Thank you for your help. Hopefully a more permanent solution to this problem will be implemented by our STO devs, but until then, your solution works for me.
Well, I'm glad it worked in this case, but it's not a solution for a ton of missions out there. Some of my own just cannot be completed because the player has to return to a npc after exploring a map.

It's a terrible bug for a lot of us. I would be surprised if you are able to complete 80% of the missions, even when knowing what you know about the bug.

Thanks for playing our missions and not blaming us for stuff that we can't control or fix.