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============ FSOG Fleet Special Operations Group ============

== Level 1 ===

We are a Special Ops TEAM designed for the missions of the Federation and Klingon Empire in the Special Task Forces area of Star Trek Online.

We are the unknown, the forgotten and maybe just a thought. We are the group of individuals who don't exist. A shadow of a shadow kinda thing. We do all sorts of work behind enemy lines as well on the front lines to defend the Federation and Klingon Empire from its enemies foreign and domestic.We are the mission group who Specializes, Leads and Performs consent special duties in,
Special Task Force Missions ,Space and Ground.

We are a team of professionals who are active and are looking for individuals who like to do elite STF's and do them on a regular basis. We are an Elite Unit who performs clandestine operations thru-out sector space. We follow a conduct of respect, order, teamwork, tactics and all military discipline known to any elite entity thru-out the known universe. We have a uniform code of conduct and expect all its members to obey/understand all, prior to joining our unit.

The Federation has had these special units for centuries and they have been known
as "MACO".

These brave warriors of Klingons / Federation have battled enemies thru-out the known universe and protected there sectors from Invasions.

With the "Joint Operations Pac" and a treaty with The Federation of Planets and The Klingon Empire, these sworn enemies ,can work together for a common goal. To protect from INVASION from the BORG and other invading threats within the known Universe !

For months, these two factions have been side by side in STF encounters. Klingons and Federation MUST learn to work together as a FSOG Unit. For training purposes PVP,PVE will be as that..trainning. Some Joint missions will be announced within the FSOG threads of the STO forums.

All Klingons / Federation players interested in joining this combined unit of Human and Klingon, please report to Commander Mugato@wildmugato. He is running the Special UNIT known as FSOG a JOINT Operations unit for Klingons and Federation.


We are looking for MORE level 50 ranked KLINGONS/ FEDERATION to join up and be part of FSOG.



We Use TeamSpeak 3

A microphone is prefered.
Respect and enforce TeamSpeak rules.
Must be able to use TeamSpeak and/or talk/listen on TeamSpeak.

FSOG forums of the STO arena,

Show activity on the forum within the STF area, give advice on STFs, builds and answer questions raised by other members of the fleet.
Show activity in the STO recruitment section on a regular basis.
Willing to do FSOG reports on STF runs on a regular basis.

Star Trek Online in game Joining for Fleet,

Open to any level.
Open to any character type.
Basic Rules of conduct.
Open to nationals.
Must speak/type english.
Be willing to recruit and help out fleet.
Give Respect,get Respect.
Be a team Player.

General Attitude,

Be willing to listen to directions.
Wanting to help others out in the fleet.
Understand what is FSOG and why we do what we do.
Wanting to follow team instructions and be part of a team.

What we can offer you,

Communication Skills.
Being part of a group.
Learning new things.
Sharing Ideas and stories.
Bit of Role play and adventure.
Knowledge and training in STF's tactics.

To be part the Elite group known as FSOG Black Ops,

High ingame activity.
A lvl 50 character.
Experience in end game STF's.
Show interests in STF?s and STF events.
Must have at least 100 or more Space and Ground STF runs.

If interested in joining this fleet and being something other than a number , please PM Mugato@wildmugato or leave a reply in this thread. Please title your reply "FSOG Interests" and tell me why you want to join FSOG and a little BIO on your self. We are looking for STO players who are end gamers who llike to STF,PvE,PvP and group up activities.

You can PM, reply or look in game for an invite.

Thank you..

========== END OF TRANSMISSION ==========

It is good to be a member of FSOG
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