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Originally Posted by tsf00181 View Post
There's a graphics issue. There has to be.

I CANNOT believe that that my fleet Vorcha will go from 60% hull to blowing up at over 15 klicks from a gateway after getting the hell out of dodge when the shields failed. A borg torpedo that I couldn't see hit and killed me.

And I know there are graphical issues because I see it with my own Quantum torpedos. I doubt its my system or connection. 3.2/8gig/5870/10meg. That should be sufficient to run this game with plenty to spare, so either there is a bug or Cryptic's servers can't hack it.

So the biggest issue with people playing elites right now is the instakills that kind of just come out of nowhere. And I'm sure alot of it is people not using skills or they got stuck with the crap UI....which does suck. But there are ways around that.

As for the OP, I still run elites. Not for the skill or anything like that. I run them because I would have to run twice as many normals to get the marks. I want the BNPs so I can get the Mk12 armor once I reach T5. I'm planning ahead. The elites reward twice as much Dilithium and marks so they are worth it.
Did you check to see what was at the other end of that dash? Did you check to see if you were FOLLOWED? (I've had an assimilated Negh'var chase me across the map before, and had Assimilated Raptors play 'goalie' and move to intercept me running from one side of the map and the borg torps that were after me...)

I've also had Borg Plasma procs kill me in cloak-15-20Km from the place they hit me, because I didn't remember to equip the Boff with HE before, or I'd already USED the Hazards and they were on cooldown.

Elite STF's are SUPPOSED to be tough missions. The Borg are supposed to be THE scariest enemy you can face short of the Iconians. BEating them should NOT be an exercise in exploiting known blind-spots, nor should it be so easy that five of ANY class of character, in the same type of ship, can faceroll them in fifteen minutes on Elite.

as I said, if I can do it in a Bird of Prey, even one specced for PvP, then it isn't overpowered enemies or tech glitches at fault-my computer's verging on being a paperweight in terms of processor speed (okay, I did overclokc the crap out of it, but it's 5 years old!), video card, etc. I should be having MORE problems than you are.

I suspect in the vast majority of cases, the real culprit is something called "Situational Awareness"-or lack thereof.

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