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11-23-2012, 08:48 PM
Originally Posted by ddesjardins View Post
Pluto Range is supposed to be one of those missions that meet the requirements for dispersing dilithium.

Upon completion of the mission my team gets beamed into the floor. After 5 minutes of bumping and hopping, my boffs get clear. I do not. 4x repeat the beam out and re beam in.

Waste of time.

What's interesting is there is no way to comment on the bug unless you finish the mission.
The Foundry has some bugs due to the new season patch. The reason you can't leave a comment is because ratings and reviews are currently disabled due to the changes. It was for exactly this reason, so missions weren't unfairly rated down due to bugs that were not the author's fault. Right now we don't even have access to the Foundry to change our missions, even if we want to.

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