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Originally Posted by andoriansrus View Post
might be a Mary sue ship in Your opinion but I think the ship does the same job just as well as a fleet deep space science build which is the build I used for the Vesta... trash it all you want but it is a fine ship... and the first post was just a bit of fluff

I call the ship a Light Carrier because for all intents and purposes thats what it is.... you wanna convience me its a Mary Sue ship start showing me numbers proving your point show me where it does a better job at something than some other ship can... if you can not do that kindly STFU and let others see the build for what it is and maybe get a little feed back on what the build is lacking or what could possibly improve the build or what ever, to just post that you were intrigued till you saw the U.S.S. Mary Sue and ZzzzZZzzZZZzzz'd

come down off of your cross build me a bridge outta the wood and get over it. Until you can post your rebuttal with numbers and statistics to back it up, you sir need to sit down and be quiet while the grown ups talk....
First you make a reference that could be offensive to the religious then you insult me directly, all for calling a ship, not your build, but a ship, the USS Vesta, Mary Sue. Bravo. Taking it personally perhaps?

As for numbers and statistics, I don't need them, all I have to do is point at the books the Vesta-class is featured in. I think you are not even sure what a Mary Sue is, as you are asking for numbers, which cannot define a Mary Sue, but you're sure it is bad, as you immediately, jumped to the Vesta's defense, like a fangirl valiantly defending her sparkly vampire.
Constant exposure to the same opinions leads to continual reinforcement of ideas until eventually, any challenge, no matter what form it takes, is going to be met with a disproportionate sense of outrage. Room for reasoned discussion can no longer occur.